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We offer high performance sprockets. These are teeth like projections arranged on wheel rim to engage the links of chain. Sprockets are used in different power transmission and conveyor systems. cast iron and carbon steel is used in fabricating sprockets. These are reliable drive system for long running, continuous drive applications with maximum absorption of shock and minimum torque load. We make various sizes of sprockets, available up to 50.8 mm pitch and 3500 mm diameter, simplex, duplex and multiplex type for fulfilling our client’s need. Industrial Use These are used in numerous industries but mainly used in bicycle industries. Majorly this product is used in bicycle as the chain of cycle runs between two sprockets. When the paddle is pushed, the front gear is turned and it meshes with the link in chain. The chain moves and meshes with the links in rear gear are attached to rear wheel that helps the bicycle in moving forward. Geometry and Maintenance Sprockets are connected with each other by the help of chain in which on one end of chain is a small sprocket located on engine, which rotates due to the force of engine. Whereas on other end of the chain is a large sprocket located attached to the rear axle that provides forward and reverse momentum. These sprockets must be checked thoroughly once in a month for ensuring its high performance and if teeth are worn down or are broken they should be replaced.